Our services

Our approach begins with thoroughly understanding our client’s needs and vision for their business, working together to create a bespoke identity, from interior to graphics, branding and visual communication.



Architecture is the core of our practice, we’re sensitive to the makings of each location, and create concepts that uniquely work for its locality and space.

We provide full architectural services:

  • conception of all technical aspects of a project, such as equipment, technical installations, analysis of customer and professional flows;

  • legal and administrative procedures for building permits and compliance;

  • project management, planning, call for tenders, site management, deliveries and installations;

  • custom design, selection and layout of furniture and fixtures.


concept design

Every project we undertake is bespoke.

Working together with our clients to develop strong concepts, coherent with the market needs and client demands to create durable businesses. From food & beverage offers, to architectural design and visual identity, our projects are always crafted from the end-user’s point of view.

We begin the process by carefully analysing the market, as well as identifying the target clientele, in order to define the ideal positioning, in line with the food & beverage offer as well as value added propositions.

With this strong foundation, we are able to develop coherent and durable concepts which integrate all aspects of the business: offer, branding and architectural design.



We believe that a strong, coherent brand is essential for a successful business.

Developing the visual identity at the same time as the interior design insures the project’s consistency and harmony.

We create unique visual identities for each project, often in collaboration with local artists, we develop:

  • logo

  • signage

  • menu layouts

  • packaging

  • website

  • and print material such as postcards and business cards, etc.